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Trusted Advisor Expert

Badge earner has deep understanding and demonstrated Subject Matter Expert (SME) trusted advisor skills to successfully deliver proactive client support. The badge earner is recognized as an essential trusted partner in the client’s technology planning and implementation and drives continuous improvement for increased value.  All of these are critical aspects for making our clients successful in adopting IBM software to achieve their business goals.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • This badge is available to IBM employees only.
  • Understand Client's Business and Industry - Leveraged business/industry knowledge working with Clients in business goal definition.
  • Problem Management Skills - Demonstrated examples where Management in Client organization confirmed that actions/plans were based on common understanding of their concerns and needs.
  • Effective Communication Skills - Authored effective Executive Summary: A brief summary of a detailed report targeting management readers.
  • Leverage Network of Experts - Used a network of experts to impact Client advocacy resulting in increased satisfaction, renewals, or other business impact.
  • Proactive Skills - Demonstrated proactive skills with the client, i.e. client success story, prevent negative situation/outcome, risk management plan, improving client’s environment/performance.
  • Collect and Act on Client Feedback - Collected executive level documented feedback from the client's organization and defined action plan to address client concerns or new goals.
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