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Trusted Advisor Professional

The badge earner has a solid understanding and demonstrates trusted advisor skills to successfully deliver proactive client support, leveraging soft-skills to be a trusted partner in the client’s business, driving continuous improvement. The badge earner is also capable of reusing relevant assets to increase their efficiency assisting the client.  All of these are critical aspects for making our clients successful in adopting IBM technology to achieve their business goals.

This badge is issued by IBM


What it takes to earn this badge

  • This badge is available to IBM employees only.
  • Technical Skill - Developed technical knowledge/skills for the client’s benefit, via education, or existing recognized accreditation. Technical skills can include a product, architecture, tools, or process proficiency that has been applied with clients.
  • Understand your Client's Environment - Kept track of the client's environment information and changes to that information.  Used knowledge of a supported configuration.
  • Effective Communication - Built and retained good relationships with a client.
  • Problem Management Skills - Used IBM processes to quickly/efficiently address client concerns or complaints.
  • Leverage your Network of Experts - Used a network of experts to assist with a client request, and explain how this example contributed to client success.
  • Proactive Skills - Demonstrated proactive skills with the client, i.e. client success story, prevent negative situation/outcome, risk management plan, improving client’s environment/performance.
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