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Labor Market Data by Cloud Role

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects are within an enterprise and leverage advancements in cloud technology to support architectural strategy within the enterprise. Identify opportunities to integrate cloud platforms,  applications, and infrastructure into the enterprise architecture environment in ways that provide increased capabilities to optimize costs, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and build agility in business and IT processes and services.

Labor Market Data by Cloud Role
This badge is issued by Labor Market Data by Cloud Role


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Possesses high-level competencies that include understanding enterprise strategies and objectives and how job roles should align to desired business outcomes, clearly communicating and easily interacting with leadership, colleagues, and business partners, approaching business problems with new and innovative thinking to come up with creative solutions, and the ability to solve complex and dynamic business needs and requirements.
  • Can apply horizontal skills in implementation of DevOps and agile methodologies and processes, architecting infrastructure solutions across people, processes and devices, and establishing and managing enterprise security and privacy policies and procedures.
  • Can apply specialized technical skills in integrating applications infrastructure, directing integration policy and managing  enterprise-wide integration; managing enterprise wide product lines consisting of multiple products across the lifecycle to better inform product design and usability; securing applications, data and infrastructure while establishing and managing application, data  and infrastructure security and privacy policies and procedures.
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