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Labor Market Data by Cloud Role

Cloud Database Administrator

Cloud Database Administrators perform tasks that vary depending on the cloud environment. In some environments responsibilities include overseeing and influencing cloud service providers in infrastructure management and maintenance. Tasks may also include cloud infrastructure data migration, database application analysis and design, optimization testing, support and management of cloud infrastructure. May also assist in the re-architecting database structures to address data security concerns.

Labor Market Data by Cloud Role
This badge is issued by Labor Market Data by Cloud Role


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Possesses high-level competencies that include clearly communicating and easily interacting with leadership, colleagues, and business partners;  approaching business problems with new and innovative thinking to come up with creative solutions; and the ability to solve complex and dynamic business needs and requirements.
  • Ability to apply horizontal skills in management of data sets;  understanding linkages to applications, infrastructure, and security; establishing data management policy; communicating and coordinating with vendors, and evaluating offerings and managing strategic vendor relationships.
  • Demonstrates proficiency with database aspects of application integration and ensuring communication and interoperability; directing database-related integration policy and managing and monitoring enterprise-wide integration applications and data-related infrastructure; proficiency integrating  data infrastructure components, and ensuring communication and data interoperability; securing data and ensuring data privacy; establishing and managing data security and privacy policies and procedures.
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