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Labor Market Data by Cloud Role

Enterprise Technology Architect

This role develops future technology and architectural advancements to support architectural strategy, technology migration, integration and evolution. They focus on the development of technology principles, standards, and patterns that can be leveraged across multiple solutions. The Technology Architect provides the bridge between the deeply technical domain architects and the solution architects to ensure the technology infrastructure meets the goals of scalability and complexity reduction.

Labor Market Data by Cloud Role
This badge is issued by Labor Market Data by Cloud Role


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Possesses high-level competencies in creativity and innovation, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship, including the ability to approach business problems with new thinking to come up with creative solutions; solve complex and dynamic business needs and requirements; and manage one's own responsibilities and development.
  • Demonstrates specialized technical skills that include understand architecture principles, architecting and implementing enterprise system solutions, and architecting enterprise solutions across people, processes, and devices. They have understanding of networking concepts and infrastructure principles, and implementing infrastructure solutions.  Possess knowledge of how to secure applications, data, device, infrastructure and network components and ensuring privacy.
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