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Labor Market Data by Cloud Role

IT Generalist

IT Generalist roles have responsibilities divided among server systems and network infrastructure, multiple-user line-of-business applications and databases, and desktop/end-user support or training. These roles work with business clients and vendors to understand user needs and provide the right technology, in addition to concerns related to keeping systems up and running, security, and backup and recovery.

Labor Market Data by Cloud Role
This badge is issued by Labor Market Data by Cloud Role


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Possesses high-level competencies in communications, including understanding enterprise strategies and objectives and how job roles should align to desired business outcomes; the ability to solve complex and dynamic business needs and requirements; and possesses effective self-management skills and self-motivation.
  • Can apply horizontal skills in vendor management, communicating and coordinating with vendors, evaluating offerings, and managing strategic vendor relationships.
  • Demonstrated understanding in database management skills, including data management policy and security of applications, data, device, infrastructure and network components. Able to secure all enterprise components, establish and manage enterprise security and privacy policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrate understanding of architecture principles.  Able to architect and implementing enterprise system solutions across people, processes, and devices.  Knowledge of integrating applications, integration policy and managing and monitoring enterprise-wide integration.
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