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Labor Market Data by Cloud Role

IT Security Analyst

IT Security Analysts focus on analysis of security requirements, audit, risk assessment, and compliance across the organization. They assist in evaluating security controls for IT solutions of all types both pre-­ and post‐implementation, and in ongoing security-centric processes such as organization-wide vulnerability scanning and remediation activities. They also assist in the analysis and forensic documentation of security incidents and integrate security systems for streamlined operations.

Labor Market Data by Cloud Role
This badge is issued by Labor Market Data by Cloud Role


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Possesses high-level competencies in communications, including the ability to easily interact with leadership,  colleagues, and business partners; approaching business problems with new and innovative thinking; and the ability to solve complex and dynamic business needs. Possesses strategic thinking and analytical skills, along with effective self-management skills and self-motivation
  • Proficiencies in managing data sets, understanding linkages to applications, infrastructure, and security, and establishing data management policy.  Understanding of how to secure applications, data, device, infrastructure and network components. Able to secure all enterprise components, establish and manage enterprise security and privacy policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrated understanding of how to secure applications and data, connected devices, and infrastructure and network components. Establish and manage security across applications, data, devices, infrastructure and network components. Create and manage security and privacy policy and procedures.
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