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Legacy Healthcare Services

Level II Frail Elder Rehabilitation Certification

Earners of this designation have demonstrated the ability to identify how pain and low vision impact the frail, elderly client. The earner is able to develop or contribute to a plan of care, including the development of skilled interventions and goal setting. The earner has applied the knowledge within the context of a client case study and has completed a professional reflection.

Legacy Healthcare Services
This badge is issued by Legacy Healthcare Services


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Instruct or complete Legacy's proprietary course titled "Pain Management Evaluation and Treatment"
  • Instruct or complete Legacy's proprietary course titled "Assessment and Treatment of Low Vision", including previous course versions of this topic offered by Legacy Healthcare Services.
  • Learner must receive a passing score on the corresponding exam for each course
  • Learners must complete and submit a case study and professional reflection
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