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Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education

Interest Based Problem Solving: Advanced Facilitator

Newer facilitators with potential and skill.  Can represent the college in requested facilitator/meditation situations where their evaluated skills are appropriate.  They may co-facilitate more challenging situations with an "Expert Facilitator" to strengthen their skills. A facilitator needs to document their experience and must demonstrate both knowledge of, and skills in applying, the International Association of Facilitator’s (IAF) Core Competencies linked below.

Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education
This badge is issued by Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education


What it takes to earn this badge


Creative Collaborative Client Relationships Develop working partnerships, Design and customize applications to meet customers needs, and Manage multi-session events effectively
Create and Sustain a Participatory Environment Demonstrate effective participatory and interpersonal communication skills, Honor and recognize diversity, ensuring inclusiveness, Manage group conflict, and Evoke group creativity
Guide Group to Appropriate and Useful Outcomes Guide the group with clear methods and processes, Facilitate group self-awareness about its task, and Guide the group to consensus and desired outcomes
Build and Maintain Professional Knowledge Maintain a base of knowledge, Know a range of facilitation methods, and Maintain professional standing
Model Positive Professional Attitude Practice self-assessment and self-awareness, Act with integrity, and Trust group potential and model neutrality