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Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education

Nonprofit Leadership: Foundations and Management of the Nonprofit Sector

Offered in partnership with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, this course is 1 of 8 courses needed to earn the Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential. This course highlights the history, contributions, and unique characteristics of the nonprofit sector and its management.  Earners of this designation have critical knowledge about risk and crisis management and ethics and are capable of recruiting and retaining top talent in the nonprofit sector.

Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education
This badge is issued by Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Pass the final Quiz with a 75% or greater
  • Complete the Final Project Artifact: Participants will create a mission statement and employee recruitment strategy for a nonprofit organization with a 75% or greater total rubric score.
  • Explain the different types of organizational values, and identify personal value system.
  • Appreciate the interplay of personal ethics, organization ethics, and legal regulations in organizational decision-making.
  • Identify and understand the development of leaders and their roles.
  • Define and apply strategies utilized within nonprofit human resource planning and management, including staff recruitment, retention, performance management and evaluation.
  • Differentiate between employment law and personnel policy in non profit operations.
  • Define mission orientation for a nonprofit organization and define characteristics of an effective mission statement.
  • Analyze the basic laws and regulations under which nonprofits incorporate and operate, including concepts and practices associated with risk management.
  • Describe the history, role, and significance of philanthropy, nonprofits, and civil society
  • Identify the unique characteristics and management complexity associated with the nonprofit sector.
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