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Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education

Nonprofit Leadership: Trends & Innovation

Offered in partnership with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, this course is 1 of 8 courses needed to earn the Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential. This course highlights the nature of employment in the nonprofit sector, including applying and interviewing for a job, and the dynamic nature of the nonprofit sector, the importance of continuous improvement, emerging trends, and innovations and the critical role research play sin shaping best practices.

Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education
This badge is issued by Madison College: School of Professional and Continuing Education


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Pass the Final Quiz with a 75% or greater
  • Complete the Final Project Artifact: Participants will create a start-up nonprofit business, create a structure for the business, and determine how this business might be taken globally in the futureĀ  with a 75% or greater total rubric score.
  • Recognize the importance of applying scientific methods in the development, design, implementation, and evaluation of nonprofit programs.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the external factors that influence nonprofit organizations and ways in which nonprofit organizations anticipate and respond to those influences.
  • Recognize the evolution of the field as important to accessing more resources and accomplishing greater outcomes.
  • Prepare a proposal outlining what shifts in resources, practices, etc. would be necessary in order for an organization to implement an emerging best practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of global issues, processes, trends, and systems.
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