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Madison College

Beer: Brewing and Serving Essentials Course

This course covers beer and brewing history, ingredients, vocabulary, styles and flavor evaluation with an emphasis placed on the comprehensive knowledge of classic beer styles and flavor attributes. It also teaches serving practices, touches on beer and food pairings. Students will gain a sufficient and working knowledge of beer and its parts necessary to pass the first level Cicerone test and prepare for second level Cicerone and Beer Judge Certification.

Madison College
This badge is issued by Madison College


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of beer history, ingredients, equipment, and brewing process
  • Correctly store, pour, and serve bottle and draught beer.
  • Deconstruct a beer using the classification tools: SRM/EBC, IBUs, Relative bitterness, ABV, and gravity as well as the 8 basic flavor groups.
  • Identify six off-flavors and their sources.
  • Maintain a beer journal utilizing the BJCP Tasting Record Form.
  • Receive a 70% or better of total points available.
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