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Pearson College and Career Readiness Programs

Basic Professionalism

The badge earner has demonstrated basic competency in five key areas of professionalism: workplace etiquette, workplace communication, teamwork, customer service, and self-management skills. Earners have the knowledge and skills to behave properly in different workplace environments, use effective verbal and written communication, maintain work-life balance, build relationships with customers, and prioritize tasks.

Pearson College and Career Readiness Programs
This badge is issued by Pearson College and Career Readiness Programs


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Complete the Basic Professionalism course (video and practice activities), which reviews basic terminology and skills of Customer Service, Self-Management Skills at Work, Teamwork, Workplace Communication, and Workplace Etiquette.
  • Achieve a mastery score of 80% or better on the post-topic assessments for each module in the Basic Professionalism course.
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