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Pearson - Stat!Ref

Career Success

This badge recipient has demonstrated mastery of an overview of the principles and basics of Career Success. The Career Success course assists students in establishing a positive and proactive career mindset early and consistently in their academic process to help ensure career compatibility and success. Topics include personalized career assessment, enhancing transferable career skills, developing a personal career brand and career position seeking skills.

Pearson - Stat!Ref
This badge is issued by Pearson - Stat!Ref


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Demonstrate mastery of an overview of the principles and basics of career success by completing the course via STAT!Ref
  • Successfully complete 10 required quizzes: Planning Your Career Search, Knowing Yourself: Explore the Right Career Path, Knowing the Market: Find Your Career Match, Preparing Yourself: Gain Skills and Experience Now, Networking, Targeting Your Search: Locate Positions, Ready Yourself, Building a Portfolio: Your Resume and Beyond, Preparing for Your Interview, Giving a Great Interview, Negotiating Job Offers, Ensuring Future Success
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