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Pearson Customer Service Advanced Apprenticeship

Earners of the Pearson Customer Service Advanced Apprenticeship badge have successfully completed the Customer Service Advanced Pearson apprenticeship. The purpose of this apprenticeship is to support the development of people in various customer facing roles. Earners of this badge are now able to communicate effectively with customers face-to-face, in writing, or by telephone. They are also able to resolve problems and improve customer relations.

Pearson UK
This badge is issued by Pearson UK


  • Analyse Customer Service
  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analysis
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Communication
  • Listening
  • Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication

What it takes to earn this badge

  • Successfully complete apprenticeship which takes at least 18-24 months to complete and must have achieved at least level 2 English and mathematics
  • Successfully attain level 3 diploma in Customer Service
  • Attain employment rights and responsibilities qualification or workbook
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