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Certification Prep: Java Associate - Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 5/SE 6 Certification

This Badge recipient has demonstrated mastery (achieving a final course score of 70% or higher) to sit for and pass the Oracle Java Certification at the Associate level.

Pearson Workforce Education
This badge is issued by Pearson Workforce Education


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Solve simple problems using the fundamental syntax and semantics of the Java programming language and examine elementary techniques in Java programming
  • Write Java programs that use selection; Java programs that use loops: while, do while, for; Java programs that make use of methods for transfer of control; Java programs that use arrays
  • Examine object oriented programming using objects and classes and illustrate object oriented programming including immutable classes and immutable objects
  • Write Java programs that use inheritance and polymorphism; extend error handling techniques by adding exception handlers to Java programs
  • Design generic classes and interfaces to improve code reusability and use the Java Collections Framework in a Java program
  • Distinguish between the Java platforms and describe the basic characteristics of Java integration technologies; describe the basic characteristics, use, benefits, and drawbacks of Java's server-side technologies and application tiers
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