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Pearson Workforce Education

Certification Prep: Lean Bronze Certification

This Badge recipient has demonstrated mastery (achieving a final course score of 70% or higher) of course preparation in order to sit for and successfully pass the Lean Bronze Certification exam from the American Society for Quality, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, the Shingo institute, and SME.

Pearson Workforce Education
This badge is issued by Pearson Workforce Education


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Explain cultural enabler principles and processes, techniques and practices
  • Explain and use the principles of continuous process improvement, techniques and practices
  • Explain the principles of and processes for developing a consistent Lean Enterprise culture
  • Describe consistent Lean Enterprise culture techniques and practices
  • Explain the principles of business results and list the key Lean related measures
  • Describe how measurement systems are used in a Lean Enterprise culture
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