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Professional Certification: Certified Technical Specialist, Storage Systems

Master Certified Technical Specialists in Storage Systems have expertise in one or more storage system technology areas. Examples include: disk, tape, optical, SAN, NAS, or storage software related to these technologies.

The Open Group
This badge is issued by The Open Group


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Certified Technical Specialists achieve Certification by successfully completing interviews with other Level 2 or Level 3 Certified Technical Specialists, based upon a comprehensive package of information describing project and other experiences. The criteria used to decide on certification include all of the Skills mentioned above.
  • Certified Technical Specialitsts typically, have five (5) years of work experience in IT in the last eight (8) years (excluding time spent under tuition), that includes an understanding of the solution lifecycle, enabling them to contribute to solutions that are successful.
  • Certified Technical Specialists have sufficient experience in their chosen Stream to demonstrate repeated success in meeting the Stream specific criteria.  Typically, this requires three (3) years of work experience in their Stream in the last five (5) years.
  • Certified Technical Specialists have acted in the role of IT Specialist within their Stream in at least two (2) successful engagements, and the deliverables they produced must have contributed to the engagement meeting its acceptance criteria.
  • Certified Technical Specialists must have completed formal training in Project Management either through attendance at a taught course, or through self-study.
  • Certified Technical Specialists must maintain their knowledge of the technology, trends, and techniques in the IT industry, and must undergo 40 hours per year of training, at a taught course or through self study, related to their Stream/Discipline.
  • Certification is open to all applicants.  There is no requirement for any previous certification.
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