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Professional Certification: Distinguished Technical Specialist

Distinguished Technical Specialists are recognized leaders of their Profession.  They initiate, business justify, and lead the development of new and complex components in the areas of information, applications, and technology in order to meet business objectives.  They establish technical and process frameworks that are the foundation for systems across their organization and that are essential for the proper execution and delivery of critical and strategic business systems.

The Open Group
This badge is issued by The Open Group


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Distinguished Technical Specialists must previously have been certified by The Open Group at Level 2 - Master Certified Technical Specialist, or the equivalent in a program accredited by The Open Group.
  • Distinguished Technical Specialists achieve Certification by successfully completing three interviews by other Distinguished Certified Technical Specialists.  The interview criteria include the skills listed above, as well as the requirements for successful leadership of engagements that had a significant, positive impact on the business of their employers/clients.
  • Distinguished Technical Specialists must have repeated experience successfully facilitating the implementation of important business initiatives by promoting teaming and cross-organizational participation, and must have Initiated, lead, and influenced multi-disciplinary initiatives across organizational or geographical boundaries, coordinating the activities necessary to succeed.
  • Distinguished Technical Specialists must have anticipated, created, and defined innovative concepts in a strategic environment and have shown technical leadership in conducting special projects or strategic initiatives that span two or more technical Specialties.
  • Distinguished Technical Specialists must have operated at executive levels, conducting complex negotiations, and reaching stable agreements and commitments.
  • Distinguished Technical Specialists must continually develop their technical and professional knowledge and skills in technology trends and techniques in the IT industry, and in leadership skills, as well as developing and enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the business and industry context of their employers/clients.
  • Distinguished Technical Specialists must make contributions to the profession, such as publications, research, development of training, or contributions to standards bodies or professional organizations that seek to define innovative new technical solutions, strategies, research, or technologies.  They must also facilitate the professional development of multiple aspiring Technical Specialists, especially those seeking certification, through teaching, coaching, and/or mentoring.
  • The Open Group Professional Certification program is open to all applicants.
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