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Professional Certification: Level 1 - Certified Architect - Business

Business Architects create formalized descriptions of how an organization uses its essential competencies for realizing its strategic intent and objectives, as defined in the Open Business Architecture (O-BA) Preliminary Standard. This typically describes the structure and interaction between business strategy, organization, functions, business capabilities, and information needs. Business Architects capture strategic intent and develop the Business Architecture. (Open CA BA L1)

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What it takes to earn this badge

  • Certified Architects achieve Certification by successfully completing an interview by a Level 2 or Level 3 Certified Architect, based upon a comprehensive package of information describing project and other experiences.  The criteria used to decide on certification include all of the Skills mentioned above.
  • Certified Architects must have at least 2 years of experience of contributing to the development of the architectural aspects of one or more  projects or engagements, possibly with support or mentoring, and must have participated in the role of Architect in two successful, complex architectural engagements or projects.
  • Certified Architects must have a variety of experiences that demonstrate their contribution to successful solutions to complex problems (covering e.g., business vision, mission, business logic, ambition) with some operational aspects (e.g., people, process, technology, management) involving one or more dimensions  (products, technologies, services, processes, management, security, governance, etc.) and/or domains (Business, Data, Information, Application, Technology, Security, Integration, etc.)
  • Certified Architects must have experience producing solutions/business-related change that involves more than one type of technology and/or architecture.
  • Certified Architects must have demonstrated their appreciation of the impact of their architectural decisions on the realization and operation of a solution.
  • A Certified Architect's experience must include the understanding and appreciation of the solution lifecycle from strategy, design, and implementation through to completion, enabling the them to produce solution designs that are successful.
  • Certified Architects must have completed formal training in the discipline of architecture (i.e., methods/frameworks for designing and defining business architectures), either through attendance at a taught course, or through self-study.
  • Certified Architects must continually develop their technical and professional knowledge and skills in technology trends, vertical industry sectors, and architecture trends and techniques.
  • Certification is open to all applicants.  There is no requirement for any previous certification.
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