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Professional Certification: Level 3 - Distinguished Certified Architect

Distinguished Certified Architects are recognized as leaders of the Profession. They develop architectures for complex projects that significantly impact the businesses of their employers or clients. They identify client needs, apply industry knowledge, and devise business and technology solutions to address those needs. Distinguished Certified Architects are a source of innovation and excellence, able to deliver effectively across multiple business units and geographies. (Open CA L3)

The Open Group
This badge is issued by The Open Group


What it takes to earn this badge

  • Distinguished Certified Architects must previously have been certified by The Open Group at Level 2 - Master Certified Architect, or the equivalent in a program accredited by The Open Group.
  • Distinguished Certified Architects achieve Certification by successfully completing three interviews by other Distinguished Certified Architects.  The interview criteria include all of the skills listed above, as well as the requirements for successful leadership of architecture engagements that had a significant, positive impact on the business of their employers/clients.
  • Distinguished Certified Architects must have repeated experience successfully directing significantly complex architecture initiatives, developing solutions that typically involve different stakeholders, multiple lines of business, many solution varieties, highly regulated environments, (de)mergers, acquisitions, business transformations, international and/or global scale, etc.
  • Distinguished Certified Architects must have repeated experience successfully directing projects and developing solutions that result in significant positive and measurable business value and/or impact.
  • Distinguished Certified Architects must have repeated experience in setting and driving architecture goals and objectives for significant strategic enterprise initiatives.
  • Distinguished Certified Architects must continually develop their technical and professional knowledge and skills in technology trends, vertical industry sectors, and architecture trends and techniques.
  • Distinguished Certified Architects must make contributions to the architecture profession, such as publications, research, development of training, or contributions to standards bodies or professional organizations.  They must also contribute to the development of professional architects through teaching, serving on certification boards, coaching, and/or mentoring.
  • The Open Group Professional Certification program is open to all applicants.
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