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IBM Watson Campaign Automation (2017) - Professional IBM
GTS Specialist Project - Level 1 IBM
Get Started with IBM Streams IBM
Travel & Transportation Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Data Wrangler Yellow Ribbon - Foundation Skill IBM
IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics 2017 - Foundations IBM
Energy & Utilities Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
IBM Business Process Manager Standard V8.5.7 Developer IBM
Big Data Analytics - Level 2 IBM
Mobile Application Developer - Explorer Award for Students 2017 IBM
Interskill - Blockchain Foundations IBM
Data Scientist - Mastery Award for Students 2017 - 2019 IBM
IBM Analytics Foundations for Architects IBM
Security Intelligence Engineer - Mastery Award for Students 2016 - 2018 IBM
Selling IoT Level 2 - Version 2 Program IBM
Streaming Analytics Basics for Python Developers IBM
IBM Cloud Private Infrastructure and Architecture IBM
Financial Markets Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Automotive Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Aerospace & Defense Industry Foundations IBM
Blue Core Coach IBM
Hadoop Data Access - Level 2 IBM
Combinatorial Test Design IBM
Healthcare Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
IBM Security Essentials for Architects IBM
IoT - Maximo Database Configuration IBM
IBM Critical Situation Resolver: Professional IBM
Bluemix Sales Essentials IBM
Chemicals & Petroleum Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
SaaS Essentials for Technical Sales IBM
Breakthrough Value Leadership IBM
iOS Developer - Foundation IBM
Scala Programming for Data Science - Level 2 IBM
Tech Data's Highly Scalable Web and Mobile Application Building on IBM Cloud IBM
Master the Mainframe - Part 3 IBM
Big Data Developer - Mastery Award for Educators 2016 IBM
Big Data Developer - Explorer Award for Educators 2016 IBM
IoT - Maximo Multi-Site and Organization IBM
N2B: New Employee Orientation Facilitator IBM
Banking Insights & Solutions (Gold) IBM
TLE Challenge Completion - 2017 IBM
Architect Project Badge - Level 2 IBM
TLE Speaker IBM
IBM Sales Acceleration Center - ISAC for Sellers IBM
Lab Services Consultant Badge: AIX IBM
IBM Cloud Channel Sales - Level 2 IBM
Mobile Application Developer - Mastery Award for Students 2017 IBM
IBM Cloud Garage Method Advocate IBM