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Adrian Soeranto


Project Manager at PT Jasa Teknologi Informasi IBM for Indosat Project

Adrian’s Badges

Watson Discovery Service for Developers IBM
Watson Knowledge Studio Hands-On IBM
Watson Knowledge Studio Methodology IBM
Watson Assistant Hands-On IBM
Watson Assistant Methodology IBM
Watson Discovery Service Foundations IBM
Watson Studio Essentials IBM
Watson Assistant Foundations IBM
IBM Cloud Garage Test-Driven Development (TDD) IBM
Watson and Cloud Foundations IBM
Disruptive HR in a Cognitive Era - Essentials IBM
Discover your inner chatbot: find valuable insights with IBM Watson IBM
Build Chatbots with Watson Conversation IBM
IBM API Connect Workflow Management IBM
Get Started with IBM Streams IBM
Blinky Lights and motion detectors: create fun Watson IoT Apps IBM
Streaming Analytics Basics for Python Developers IBM
IBM Cloud Garage Method Explorer IBM
Security and Privacy by Design Foundations IBM
IBM Cloud Garage Method Advocate IBM
Cloud Service Management and Operations Explorer IBM
IBM Automation Practitioner IBM
Cognitive Practitioner IBM
IBM Agile Explorer IBM
IBM Cloud Migration Method Explorer IBM
Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner IBM