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Clarke Porter

Life long learner that loves to teach. Successful business leader, individual contributor, parent, husband, friend, musician, chef, and skier. Grew up in a rural Maryland community near the Chesapeake Bay.

Clarke’s Badges

IBM Blockchain Essentials IBM
Data Security Credly
Pearson Certified Master Innovator Patents@Pearson
Pearson Mentor Pearson
Employee Credly
ITCC Board of Directors Task Force Chair IT Certification Council
Pearson Certified Innovator Patents@Pearson
GRIT Gauge™ Completion Pearson College and Career Readiness Programs
Job Competency: Customer Focus (Assessed by 16PF®) CareerClover
Job Competency: Strategic Vision (Assessed by 16PF®) CareerClover
Driven ClearFit
Risk Taker ClearFit
Acclaim Ambassador Acclaim
Acclaim Early Adopter Acclaim