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Ignacio Alonso Delgado


I am currently an IBM employee. I'm a IT Architect. I have strong experience on Data: Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, as well as Big Data. Work at IBM has allowed me to be involved in projects of large companies in Spain, Greece, Portugal and Israel. I have led projects from the technical point of view (defining architectures, technologies, project plans, issues resolutions, etc...). More info in LinkedIn.

Ignacio’s Badges

IBM Services Platform with Watson IBM
Enterprise IT Transformation Advisor Level 4 IBM
GTS Architect Foundations IBM
IBM Mentor IBM
IBM Mentor IBM
IBM Recognized Teacher/ Educator IBM
IBM Recognized Speaker/ Presenter IBM
Architectural Thinking IBM
IBM Cloud Essentials IBM
Watson Discovery Service Foundations IBM
Cloud & Cognitive Patterns IBM
Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner IBM
Spark - Level 1 IBM
Technical Specialist Profession Certification - Level 1 IBM
IBM Watson Data Platform - Sales Foundations IBM
IBM Analytics Platform Foundations IBM
Hadoop Foundations - Level 1 IBM