Stop telling employers what you've done. Start showing them what you can do.

Showcase your skills. Broadcast your potential. Get your Acclaim.

You're more than just bullet points on a resume.

Earn and share achievements as digital badges to show employers what you know, where you learned it and why they should hire you. Create a dynamic online portfolio of verified achievements through badges on Acclaim.

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Make the most of your achievements with badges.

You've invested time, energy and money into preparing yourself for a great career opportunity; make sure the right people in the right places value it. Digital badges put you in control of where and how you share your potential.

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Not all badges are created equally.

You've probably seen online badges before. Acclaim's badges are different. We don't do fluff. We're about rigorous standards and seamless validation. We work with top brands and institutions to create badges that employers value.

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Share what you have to offer to potential employers.

Socializing your abilities by sharing badges over email, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms is how you'll get noticed. And employers will love the ability to instantly validate your achievements.

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Showcase your skills. Broadcast your potential.

Get Your Acclaim