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Inside an Acclaim badge

Not all badges are created equal.

Acclaim's badges are defined and awarded by credible brands and institutions. Together, we create badges that employers value, verify and trust.

Take a closer look at what’s inside an Acclaim badge:

Sample badge view
Sample badge view
  • 1 The name of the achievement or credential.
  • 2 Describes what the individual is capable of after earning this badge.
  • 3 Outlines the date the badge was issued, who issued it, who it was issued to and when it expires (if applicable).
  • 4 Skills that are represented by earning the badge. Click on skills to view labor market insights data.
  • 5 Lists what it takes to earn the badge.
  • 6 Link to additional information about the badge.
  • 7 If the badge aligns with any industry standards, those standards will be listed here.
  • 8 Optional reference data provides additional context.
  • 9 Hyperlink to optional reference data hosted on an external system.