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Anne Arundel Community College

Cyber Safety

Cybersecurity is not something that can be achieved through technology alone. The human factor is a critical component. Understanding the risks and employing strategies to minimize them is essential both in the workplace and at home.

Anne Arundel Community College
This badge is issued by Anne Arundel Community College


What it takes to earn this badge


Password Security Student demonstrates knowledge of strategies used to keep accounts and data safe including the use of secure passwords and an understanding of two factor authentication.
Social Engineering Student is able to identify the threats of social engineering and employ strategies used to avoid becoming a victim.
Mobile Security Student demonstrates knowledge of mobile device security including strategies to decrease risks and an understanding of how the user's actions impact computer security.
Online Security Student demonstrates understanding of the importance of online security by employing strategies to interact securely online in both personal and work environments.
Computer Security Student demonstrates an understanding of computer security and its importance including how to secure a computer and the ability to identify actions affect computer security.
Wi-Fi Security Student can identify the difference between open versus private Wi-Fi and demonstrate knowledge of how to secure Wi-Fi.
Network and Cloud Security Student can articulate what the "cloud" is and identify strategies to navigate it more securely.  Student is able to demonstrate an understanding of actions that impact network security and related best practices.
Data Integrity and Destruction Student is able to distinguish physical and logical data.  Student demonstrates an understanding of ways in which data integrity can be maintained and ways to safely destroy data.
Workplace Security Student can identify actions that affect workplace security and best practices to make the workplace more secure.