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IoT - Maximo Contract Management IBM
IBM Extreme Blue™ IBM
Advanced Sales Coaching - Foundations IBM
Certified Project Executive IBM
Spark Technical Concepts IBM
IoT Platform Technical Bootcamp IBM
IBM Traditional Storage Mainframe V1 IBM
Watson Conversation Service Hands-On IBM
Government Industry Foundations IBM
iOS Design Foundation IBM
Leading Major Client Partnerships IBM
Data Scientist - Explorer Award for Students 2017 - 2019 IBM
Consumer Products Industry Foundations IBM
Sales Incentives Professional - Foundational Level IBM
Retail Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Spark - Level 2 IBM
Insurance Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Deep Learning IBM
Hadoop Programming - Level 2 IBM
Security Intelligence Engineer - Explorer Award for Students 2016 - 2018 IBM
Cloud Application Developer - Explorer Award for Students 2016 IBM
Master the Mainframe 2017 - Part 2 IBM
Delivery Project Executive IBM
SAP HANA on Power Systems - Technical Sales v1 IBM
Technical Sales IoT Platform Level 1 IBM
IBM Systems Foundations v1 IBM
Prototyping with Purpose IBM
IBM Design Thinking Coach IBM
Robots are coming! Build IoT apps with IBM Watson, Swift, and Node-RED IBM
IBM Cloud Private Consultant Bootcamp IBM
Media & Entertainment Industry Foundations IBM
Design Thinking in Action for IBM Cloud Object Storage IBM
Consumer Products Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Cloud Channel Sales Foundations IBM
IBM API Connect Workflow Management IBM
Client Success and Support: Expert IBM
Hadoop Administration - Level 2 IBM
2017 IBM Software & Solutions Top Gun IBM
Industrial Products Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Cloud Application Developer - Mastery Award for Students 2016 IBM
All Flash Storage Essentials V1 IBM
Text Analytics - Level 2 IBM
Chemicals & Petroleum Industry Foundations IBM
Watson Knowledge Studio Methodology IBM
IBM Watson Campaign Automation (2017) - Professional IBM
Machine Learning with R - Level 1 IBM
Energy & Utilities Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM
Travel & Transportation Insights & Solutions (Silver) IBM